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Valve ball installation method

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1, the valve sphere and valve seat pair of sealing pairs will not scratch, rapid wear and other failures, work will not be stuck (in the absence of lubricants), it can be reliably applied to corrosive media and low boiling point liquid;

2, the built-in valve stem structure, eliminates the stem under the action of fluid pressure may be due to packing gland release and fly out of the accident hidden trouble;

3, the use of anti-static, fire-resistant structure of the valve sphere, applicable to the transmission of oil, gas, gas pipelines.

4, the channel inside the body is smooth and more suitable for conveying viscous fluid, slurry, and solid particles.

5, it can be reliably applied to corrosive medium and low boiling point liquid because it is not stuck at work (without lubricant).

6, the spherical closure can be automatically positioned on the position, and can withstand the high pressure difference when closing.

7, complete bidirectional seal can be achieved in larger pressure and temperature range.

8, in the full open and full closed, the ball and seat sealing surface and media isolation, so high-speed through the valve medium will not cause sealing surface erosion.

9, compact and light weight, it can be considered as the most reasonable valve structure used in cryogenic medium system.

10, the valve body symmetry, especially the welded valve body structure, can well withstand the stress from the pipeline.

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