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Valve ball repair matters needing attention

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If the valve ball is closed, there is still pressure fluid inside the valve body. Before maintenance, the pipeline pressure is relieved and the valve is opened. Disconnect the power or air source; At this time should first identify the valve ball, the downstream pipe has been unloaded pressure, to disassemble and disassemble operation. Disassembly and reassembly must be done with care to prevent damage to the sealing surfaces of parts, especially non-metallic parts, and to remove O-rings using specialized tools.

Assembly, the flange bolts must be symmetrical, step by step, evenly tighten the cleaning agent should be with the valve ball rubber parts, plastic parts, metal parts and working media compatible. Working medium for gas, gasoline (GB484-89) can be used to clean metal parts. Non-metallic parts with pure water or alcohol cleaning.

Clean dimpled individual parts by dipping. Non-metallic parts that remain undistracted may be cleaned with a clean, fine silk cloth impregnated with a cleaning agent. Cleaning to remove all adhesion on the wall of grease, dirt, glue, dust and so on. Non-metallic parts cleaned promptly removed from the cleaning agent, not for a long time immersion.

After cleaning, it needs to be assembled after the wall cleaner has been evaporated, but it should not be shelved for a long time, or it will be rusty and contaminated by dust. New parts should be cleaned before assembly. Lubricating with grease, the grease should be ball valve metal materials, rubber parts, plastic parts and working medium are compatible. When the working medium is gas, for example, special 221 grease. Apply a thin layer of grease to the surface of the seal mounting groove and a thin layer of grease on the rubber seal. Apply a thin layer of grease to the sealing and friction surfaces of the valve stem.

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