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Valve ball stable performance, long-term "secret"

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If you want to valve ball stable performance, longer life, then we need to be aware of the following points:

1. before use

Apply water to clean the overcurrent portion of the pipe and body to prevent residual ferrite and other debris from entering the body cavity.

2. Using

If found in the use of subtle leakage at the filler, you can slightly tighten the stem nut, tight leaks can stop, can not continue to tighten.

3. When closed

Before overhauling the sphere valve, first close the shut-off valve on the ball valve, open the ball valve to be overhauled, and completely release the internal pressure of the valve body. If it is an electric ball valve or pneumatic ball valve, you should first disconnect the power and air supply.

Valve ball

4. Sealing material

General soft seal valve ball are used PTFE (PTFE) as a sealing material, hard sealing valve ball sealing surface made of metal surfacing. If you need to clean the pipe valve ball, remove the seal to be careful to prevent damage and leakage.

5. Bolt nut fixed

Flange valve ball disassembly, the flange bolts and nuts should be fixed, and then all the nuts a little tight, and finally hard fixed.

6. When cleaning

If the valve ball is cleaned, the solvent used must not conflict with the parts to be cleaned and will not corrode. If it is a gas-specific valve ball, you can use gasoline for cleaning, other parts can be washed with water in general. When cleaning, thoroughly clean the remaining dust, oil and other attachments, such as water can not be cleaned, without damaging the body and components under the premise of targeted cleaning with alcohol and other cleaning agents. After the cleaning is complete, the cleaning agent is completely evaporated before assembly.

7. Store

Long-term open storage, will lead to valve ball body and parts of the corrosion, can not be used normally. Valve ball storage should be rain, water, moisture, and the flange cover tightly. Valve balls stored for more than 12 months should be retested to ensure stable performance.

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