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Valve ball-related installation considerations What?

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Valve ball has the general characteristics of the ball, for example, it is a continuous surface of the three-dimensional graphics, surrounded by spherical geometry. Ren Xing production of valve ball not only the quality of trust, the production process is also very particular about. However, no matter which manufacturer produces the valve ball, it is about the same installation considerations, as follows:

Valve ball

1. Before installation should be carried out according to the provisions of the signal machine test, qualified before going on-line installation.

2. Remove the protective cap on both sides of the flange and flush it with the valve fully open.

3. Flush and remove any remaining impurities in the clean pipe before preparing for connection to the pipe.

4. During installation, do not use the actuator part of the valve as lifting lifting point to avoid damaging the actuator and accessories.

5. This type of valve should be installed in the pipe horizontal or vertical direction, the pipe near the installation point can not be lowered or subjected to external forces, you can use the pipe bracket or support to eliminate pipe deviation.

6. After connecting with the pipe, cross-fasten the flange bolts with the specified torque.

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